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because it would not open
Thank you for your hard work
Another awesome game in this dreamy setting. Hope it's as good as the previous ones!
This was much needed, playing this book without saves is tough
No issues so far and looks safer than other apks I've seen. Wished seen this website sooner
It works perfectly for me
Menu works as intended. Unsure if its COG or Mod related but game restarted from beginning right after starting vol 4 (St. Louis Unreal City)
Works really well. Kickass job!!
This was almost perfect but the story ends. can you finish it? or your just gonna ignore this review.
Works for me :) tysm
I managed to download it but when I opened it on Bluestacks or Nox, it just white screens. I clicked restart and redownloaded, still didn't work.
can't download it from uploadrar. ive tried it on brave browser to block ads and the download page is all messed up. icons, links, texts, all jumbled up to the left side so i can't download it.
Still can't download the apk, always directed to Trojan link (⁠-⁠_⁠-⁠;⁠)
Sequel of Br*tish simulator... Ewwwww....
Br*tish Simulator ewwwww... But Shadow Shussy though ;)
> Be me
> Plays Hero Genisis
> Loves Ben Ten
> Thinks werewolves are cool
> Be edgy werewolf superhero
> Enjoys very much
> 3 years later discovers furries
> Super cringe
> Mfw furries ruined Werewolves for me
Numba one employee :)
Don't be horni, horni last an hour, grind is forever