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Werewolf: Book of Hungry Names v1.3.7 Mod Menu 1.3.7

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Great game! Thanks Dan!
For me it is dissapointment.
I like "open"-ish structure of the hub with a chance of spending xp and, later on, "legend" stats with but there are several reasons not to enjoy it.
1) Most of allied characters aren't likable, they are opposite. In whole second crew only Nia, who isn't even human in the first place but wolf turned werwolf, is likable and Podge is someone who have his issues but not to the point of wanting to strangle him as the rest.
2) Game doesn't follow how Garou tribes suppose to function, at least not in spirit. Instead families of wervolves act as prison gangs.
3) Game doesn't follow inner logic and contradict itself from time to time. In part it's due overreliance on stat checks instead of flags leading to game narative sometimes not representing previous choices. It's mostly affect fluff and major decisions seems to be tracked throught separate values, but still annoying. Sometimes it's not tracked thatsoever. Having character unironically complain that he doen't have money (despite having 4k on bank account) toward character who doesn't have $50 was weird.
4) Clothing system and money managment... They are just there but barely used.
5) Heavy LGTB+ACDEFHIJKMNOPQRSUVWXYZ propaganda, worse than average for CoG gamee. It will be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Vampire themed games in the same setting were way better, even if couple of them kinda shitty. Parliament of Knife is similar in scwle but way more interactive and just better written.
Good Game