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Apex Patrol v1.2.8 MOD Menu V2 2023-01-30

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Space. A sprawling frontier. Over the centuries humanity has traveled amongst the stars, initiated contact with alien races, made profound discoveries, and settled new worlds along the spiraling arms of the Milky Way.

Each of those precious colonies strives to boot-strap their way toward prosperity. For them it is a journey fraught with dangers from both within and without. Thankfully they do not face such perils alone. When disaster looms they call upon the champions of mother Earth; Apex Patrol.

Drawn from a myriad of worlds, the men and women of Apex Patrol stand watch at the limits of known space. Their mission is to maintain contact with newly founded colonies, assist those in need, and keep the peace. On occasion they are also called in to nudge a herd of comets back on course.

"Captain to the bridge. Captain to the bridge," an ensign's voice warbles out over and over again through the intercom as if you could not possibly have heard the man the first time.

Step by steady step you make your way down the buffed white corridors. The thrum of the ship tingles beneath the soles of your boots and the ozone tinged recycled air seems fresh today. Farther on, there a hint of hydraulic fluid and you spot a work party in gray coveralls gathered at a nearby junction. Those crew members stand aside and, room permitting, stiffen to attention as you stride past. They receive a nod in return to let them resume their important labors.
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