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Divided We Fall v1.0.7 Unlocked V2 2023-01-30

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On 13th April 1931 Spaniards went to bed living in a monarchy and woke up in a Republic. Following a landslide victory for Republican forces in the municipal elections, the King and government quietly fled the country and the Spanish Second Republic was born in a bloodless revolution. An 8 year period of crown-backed military dictatorship was brought to an end and a government of Republicans and Socialists came to power, embarking on an ambitious reform programme. The aim was to bring a backward, agrarian and Catholic nation into the 20th Century.

However, despite initial enthusiasm, the Republic soon began to divide Spaniards. Many were horrified by the assault on the Church's dominant position in Spanish life and state. Both large and small landowners felt threatened by land reform aimed at helping Spain's desperately poor landless peasantry. The Army, which saw itself as the guardian of Spain and Spanishness, felt under attack when the government made attempts to reduce its size and power. Nationalists and patriots were outraged at promises of autonomy for the Catalan and Basque provinces.
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