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Don't Wake Me Up v1.1 MOD Menu V4 1.1

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You’re trapped in a malfunctioning virtual reality with no memories. No memories, except of every video game you’ve ever played. Jack into a wild night in a virtual world you’ll never remember.

Armed with puns, pop culture, and a sharp dose of sarcasm, can you muddle your way through levels of satirical video game pastiches, back to reality?

Adventure through virtual worlds alongside a delusional gamer, an actual emo vampire (who really wishes he wasn’t an emo vampire), a poet from outer space, and a dashing princess in shining armor, among others! And perhaps, just perhaps, learn a bit too much about the kind of person you are when the real world isn’t watching.

A satire of the trapped-in-a-video-game genre, and a tragicomedy on the theme of dating sims.

"Don’t Wake Me Up" is a 400,000-word interactive novel about love in video games, where your choices control the story. Entirely text-based, and driven by your imagination. It is written by Baudelaire Welch, a professional game screenwriter currently working as a companion character designer for RPGs.

• Play as nonbinary, male, female, straight or queer.
• Travel through 6 worlds inspired by different video game genres
• Wield a weaponised top hat
• Rack your brains in a spaceship escape level inspired by old-school adventure games
• Compete in a classical music-themed monster truck rally
• Lose yourself in a cyberpunk casino
• Date the Ultimate Video Game Fanservice Vampire
• Or, date the Ultimate Video Game ‘Best Girl’ Waifu
• A period piece honed in early 2010s internet cringe
• Bifurcates entirely halfway through the game based on your love interest.

Sometimes true love is a wrong dialogue choice.
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