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Dragon of Steelthorne v1.0.1 MOD Menu V4 1.0.1

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Rule a mighty city, fight battles, and embark on quests in a steampunk-fantasy land. As the Ardent or Ardessa of Lake Steelthorne, find love, power and a secret which could change the world.

Dragon of Steelthorne is a 140,000-word interactive novel by Vance Chance, weaving together story, city management and combat in a unique take on choice-based Interactive Fiction. Customize the level of challenge with four difficulty settings. It's entirely text-based—without animation or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.
  • Play as male or female, straight or gay.
  • Explore a story set in a world with steampunk and fantasy elements.
  • Find romance from one of five possible love interests. Enjoy a romantic night with them at the Eternal Festival.
  • Choose from one of five classes, with different effects on story, city management and combat.
  • Manage a city and train soldiers to fight for you on missions.
  • Enjoy a three-slot save system which provides the flexibility to try different options without losing progress or having to start over.
Decide the future of your mighty city as its leader and ruler.
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Thanks! Really good game! 😊