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Escape from Death v1.0.3 MOD Menu V4 1.0.3

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Steal Death's power and break free of his corrupt realm! Hide your heartbeat from the dead as you harness soul magic, navigate political intrigue, determine the fate of the Afterlife—and perhaps even claim its throne yourself.

Escape from Death is a 256,000-word interactive horror adventure novel by Tova Näslund. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

In the material realm, your body hovers between life and death, your heart still beating—but your spirit has somehow been transported to the nightmarish Afterlife. Oppression and injustice pervade this dark realm under Death's absolute control. At the bottom of the social hierarchy are the Penitents: unfortunate souls indebted to Death, twisted by his magic into uncanny animal-human hybrids. Above them are the Elect: those in Death's favor, who enjoy an existence of freedom, entitlement, and luxury.

Not only that, but the Afterlife is beginning to fall into an even greater and more mysterious corruption. Performers have gone missing from the luxurious entertainment center; a sanctuary for both Penitents and the Elect is under attack; and a mysterious sickness has started spreading throughout the land.

This presents you with an even more perilous threat—but also an opportunity. At the heart of the Afterlife is the Clockwork Hall: home to Death's Court and the repository of souls. If you can find your way there amid the chaos, you can launch an attack that will allow you to put an end to Death's tyrannical rule, make your way back to the world of the living, or even take the throne of the Afterlife for your own!
  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi.
  • Romance your melancholy Penitent guide; a revolutionary bird-woman; a warrior trying to escape Death's employ, or an idealistic healer.
  • Master the magic of Death's realm: get a glimpse through the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead; see the dreams and desires of the souls around you, and capture the memories of the living.
  • Take your place in an epic conflict: side with the impoverished Penitent or the entitled Elect; or strive to become accepted by both.
  • Keep to the shadows and evade Death's vengeful gaze, plant spies in Death's court, make political allies to extend your influence, or enact bold conflict to become renowned through the Afterlife
  • Choose the next ruler of the Afterlife: will you uphold Death's regime, put a new ruler in his place, or seize the throne yourself?
Can you find your way out of Death's darkness?
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