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Island of Carnage v1.0.6 MOD Menu V4 2023-07-06

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Survival, horror, and an interactive adventure await those who travel to the dangerous Island of Carnage. Will you escape the bloody carnage that plagues the island, or will you fall victim to it?

The story Island Of Carnage is an interactive journey that thrusts you into a world of horror and adventure. The story written by Theodore Nolan is entirely text-based, with around 50,000 words. There aren't any graphics or sound effects, but that's okay. All you need is your imagination and the power of choice to enjoy this adventure. But choose wisely because the wrong choice could cost you your life.

In this game, you start as a struggling journalist who has a tip for a big story that could launch your career. You travel to a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, fraught with seismic activity, to begin your investigation of a company known as OWL.

Your goal on the island is to gather enough evidence to try and expose OWL for its exploitation of the island for its resources. But survival and escape quickly supersede your initial journalistic endeavors.

Survival and escape from what? Earthquakes? Yes, but besides the deadly seismic activity, your encounters with some unexpected inhabitants on the island also threaten your life. Or, more accurately said, your life is in danger because of the hordes of bloodthirsty mutated cannibals stalking the island in search of human flesh.

Your journey will take you across an island filled with peril, adventure, and life-and-death choices. Survival won't be easy, but with new friends and your trusty weapon for protection, escape from the island might be possible. Can you escape the Island Of Carnage, or will you end up as a meal for a hungry horde of red-eyed cannibals?

Content Warning: The story Island Of Carnage contains blood, violence, and gore. The flesh-eating creatures, you, and anything else alive on the island can die in this adventure/horror game of survival.
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