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Path to Knighthood v1.0.3 Android MOD Menu V4 1.0.3

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Path To Knighthood is a 250,000-word interactive fantasy novel written by Ian Lai, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

This game depicts a classic story in a new way. A brave and dashing knight on the back of a white horse, rushing headlong to slay the dragon and come to the rescue of the beautiful princess - that is what the books usually tell the tale. Here, those childhood stories are darker and more realistic, intertwined with the complexity of humanity.

  • Play as male or female, straight or gay.
  • Triumph over your opponents in the tournament.
  • Save a damsel in distress? You bet!
  • Learn about humanity in the lands conquered by the godlike creature.
  • Allow vengeance—or end the cycle of hatred.
  • Investigate a murder and be the detective of the day.
  • Discover yourself while undercover in the dragon cult.
  • Confess the truth—or hide it.
  • Slay the dragon—or be exterminated by the all-consuming flames.
  • Face your own sins—look into your heart and confront your true motives.

If you wish for a happy ending, you will have to fight for it!

Content Warning: This piece of interactive fiction was not written with children in mind. The story contains mature themes and scenes that describe blood, violence, violence towards animals, and sexual content. It is also deeply and pervasively misogynistic. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
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I can't download the apk, I go Download the article does not appear, it opens on another page.