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Super Star Soccer Striker v1.0.4 MOD Menu V2 2023-01-24

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Super Super Soccer Striker is a 122,000 word sports story by Chris Viola where you can experience the full life of a pro soccer player. Balance your romantic life, personal life, family life and personal reputation against your career. Gain full control of your skillset to become a speed demon who dominates the entire field, a striker with defensive skills, a ball-handling legend, a shooter with pinpoint accuracy or a balanced all arounder.

Fend off the media for privacy or embrace it leading to fame. Gain a few extra skills or get rich selling out to promotional material for others. Use your opinion to push your world views or save your reputation and boost your popularity. See cities from all over the world and every continent. Will you stay with one team your entire career to become a club legend or have a mercenary career where you play for winning teams?

-Play as a male, female or non-traditional gender
-Romance a partner of your choice
-Increase your fame and choose a custom skillset
-Play for one of 10 fictional teams, each with its own history and play style
-Travel to over 50 countries from every continent
-Control your personality and have your career and reputation reflect your choices
-Engage in a rivalry with another prime superstar
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