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The Brothers' War v1.0.4 MOD Menu V2 2023-01-16

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In pre-christian Ireland, where family bonds and the honour of one's tribe are worth dying for, and where the old gods are forever watching, you must be as guarded as the hound, as cunning as the fox, or as brutal as the boar to survive. You have fallen out of your father's favor and are being sent along with a dispatch of hardened warriors to help your uncle quell the ever-frequent viking raids to the east. You must impress your father to reinstate your right to the throne of the Boar Clan... or you can seize it for yourself. Your father's numerous enemies are conspiring against him, the peasants are rising in revolt, his own guard outposts are deserting him and even his most trusted may be tempted to rip his throne from under him. As his influence trickles through his fingers, which side shall you choose?

The Brothers' War, a Clans of Éire Saga, is a 60,000 word historical-fantasy interactive fiction, where your choices and decisions control the world around you, including characters you meet, your possible romances as well as the enemies you make. It is text-based without sound or special effects, supported by occasional celtic la-Tène style art and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. The people of Éire whisper of a time when your father's time on land has ended, and when, or whether, you will take his place. Through politics, persuasion, battles and knowledge, you must secure your future throne… or die trying. Coming soon and currently in production is the sequel to this book.
  • Play as male, female or transgender, gay, bisexual, straight, aromantic or asexual.
  • Explore a unique land rich in culture, religion and tradition.
  • Take part in military plannings, court cases and more.
  • Fight and negotiate with Bandit hoards, Peasant rebels, Viking settlers and more.
  • Discover the lighter -and darker- sides of your clan's traditions and policies.
  • Select a variety of distinctive physical traits, as well as starting skills and abilities.
  • Conspire for or against the chieftain of the Boar Clan, your father.
  • Learn and improve your skills through teachers, instructors and elders.
  • Hire mercenaries and buy better combat equipment to gain the upper hand.
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