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Wayfarer MOD Menu v1.1.3p3.6

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Wayfarer is a dark fantasy interactive fiction game. With the storytelling of a novel, the player choice of an RPG, and the dice roll mechanics of a tabletop game, the game creates a unique experience that changes with every playthrough.

Create and customize your character, improve your skills, and navigate hundreds of branching choices as you journey through the magical city of Velantis.

The game is currently in development and releases episodically.

Patch 3.6. (April 26, 2024)

The Story

You are a Wayfarer. Marked by a complete immunity to magic, Wayfarers travel the world, breaking curses, hunting monsters, and fighting magic when it spins out of control. Their Order, once a powerful presence in the world, is broken, leaving behind only a handful of warriors still bound by their creed.

When your mercenary work backs you into a corner, you take the only option available and accept a contract: to travel to the city of Velantis and steal an ancient artifact said to be blessed by the gods. Simple, right?

But Velantis holds more than you bargained for. Gathering a ragtag party of malcontents and renegades from across the city, you must navigate enemy factions, meddling guilds, and escalating political tensions. Your choices will ultimately determine the city’s fate – and the fate of every person who lives there.


  • Create a customizable protagonist, selecting:
    • Gender [male, female, and nonbinary options]
    • Pronouns [choose a preset or set your own]
    • Name, including aliases and nicknames
    • Ancestry [choose from 5 fantasy species that unlock unique attributes and content]
    • Origin [choose from 6 backgrounds that unlock unique content]
    • Appearance [including complexion, hair, eye colour, height, tattoos and scars]
  • Upgrade 4 skills which will determine your successes and failures. Skill level is mixed with a dice roll on skill checks, adding an element of risk vs reward to your choices
  • Unlock traits that reflect your character’s choices, providing bonuses and hindrances
  • Recruit companions, build your relationships, and perhaps find romance
    • Relationships include friendships and rivalries
    • Romances are optional and include straight, gay, bisexual and asexual characters, alongside monogamous and polyamorous options
  • Build rapport with 6 factions and choose whether to support or betray them
  • Encounter timed choices on key decisions, with alternative results if time runs out or you choose to abstain
  • Build a codex as you explore the world and encounter people, places, history, lore, magic and monsters
  • Navigate thousands of branching choices for a unique, re-playable experience and story

CONTENT WARNING: Fantasy and medieval violence, depictions of blood and gore, explicit language, sexually suggestive themes, and drug and alcohol use. Rated Mature 17+.

SAVE WARNING: Wayfarer is a browser-based game and saves to your browser. If your browser clears its cache or history, your saves will be lost. You can make unlimited saves independently of your browser by saving with Save to Disk. These are stored on your device and can be uploaded directly into the game.

It is highly recommended that you make a manual save to your device regularly, especially if you are playing on iOS or MacOS. Please note that you cannot make a bulk backup of your browser saves using Save to Disk. This just creates a single save on whatever passage you are currently on. It does not download your saves en masse. To make multiple backups, you will have to load each browser save and download them individually.
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