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Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 3 1.0.6 Mod Menu 1.0.6

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  1. 1.0.6

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Those names in this book are here to remind everybody why this series is number one across interactive fiction preferences.
Works well, just don't abuse the quicksave too much else it'll lag for a bit. I thought i finished the game because it was showing the play again buttons but it was just a bug of some sort. It's reoccurring with other games too but just hit quicksave then reset and you're good to go. I barely used the mod but I think it works fine too.
The game is not loading. Only a page with the text 'Fatal Error' is being displayed. Please do something about it.
Thank you so much ✨
Why can we not mod the relationship options tho ;/ just curious
pls fix it. saves do load but the whole app felt clunky. I truly understand the urgency of uploading such book but, I can wait for this to be ironed out properly for a much better experience.
the game stops working after i load a save.
I was so hoping for a mod with saves for this, thank you!