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Wayhaven Chronicles, Book Three MOD Menu 2023-04-08

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Mad scientist vampires, supernatural carnivals! Can there be anything else?


As you settle into your new life working with Unit Bravo—and growing ever closer to one member in particular—life goes on. But so does the supernatural world.
A string of kidnappings takes over Wayhaven and, once more, you’re called in as it quickly becomes apparent there’s more going on than what’s on the surface.

Even worse when the kidnapper’s focus turns on you…and you’re the only one with the power to deal with them! It’s time for bids to be placed. But when the gavel drops…better make sure it’s not you who’s the next lot.

Your decisions will shape who is friend or foe, who will share in your secrets, and just how your romance with a certain vampire will grow in this latest story from The Wayhaven Chronicles!

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three is a 1,200,000-word interactive novel—without graphics or sound effects—where your choices control the story.
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Latest reviews

Excellent resource, the mod menu works and the game is Chef's Kiss.

Though, there were some variables I wish I could edit through the menu, such as "highfriend" and book2meet(at least that's what the variable was, can't remember rn). But it's not a big deal, since beggars cannot be choosers.