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Zoo-pocalypse v1.0.3 MOD Menu V4 1.0.3

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If you're surrounded by animals, are you truly alone?

Play as a survivor of the apocalypse in Zoo-pocalypse, my first interactive fiction story. In this game, you make your post-apocalyptic home in a unique venue: a local zoo.

This 50,000 word interactive fiction novella is written by Tyler S. Harris. The story is broken up into 3-4 chapters depending on how it is played. It is completely text-based, with no sound effects or graphics. Vastly different endings can occur based on the decisions you make.
  • Play as any gender! There are no references to your gender, so play as yourself or anyone else. You do get to pick your name.
  • Explore the many exhibits at the zoo, and even the gift shop.
  • The end of the story depends on the choices you make, even early decisions can lead to completely different endings.
  • Different endings lead to the discovery of animals (achievements). Can you find all of them?
Will you reign over this animal kingdom, or will you find yourself at the bottom of the food chain?

Content Warning: Dark themes throughout, even for a post-apocalypse story. Heavy violence: humans and animals may die, sometimes violently.
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