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Choice of Games, Drama Part 1


Greetings to you all, my name is Elagabalus.

Most recently, I was witness to one of the many abuses of power yet from Choice of Games. However, I may dare well say that the sheer magnitude of this event showcases just how simply blatant and disturbing the monopoly of Choice of Games upon the Interactive Fiction community and the authors has become.

I will go on a series of unveilings, upon which I will share with you all their many offenses. But for now, let us simply begin with the first.


Look upon this thread, and look for justice, fair discussion, or fair treatment, look upon it...and find it empty. Instead you shall only find The Powers That Be arguing with no one, for their noble adversaries where either suspended or their comments deleted. Sometimes both.

The Nebula Awards are for those writers that wish to give awards to one another, to bring to light those authors that have done an extraordinary job! Writers are nominated amongst themselves, and all were excited. Except...where titles such as:
Horizon Forbidden West
Elden Ring

Are in the running, what do you think was chosen to represent readers and authors of Interactive Fiction?
What represent the medium we love, except of course, Vampire: The Masquerade - Sins of the Sires!!!!

Yes, out of the catalogues in both Choice of Games and Hosted Games, that was chosen to stand side by side with the likes of Elden Ring.

Of course, as you can read in the link above, the thread was surprised.



The conversation then veered, until the moderators were finally able to control the situation and everyone was at peace.

Until of course:

For your information, this is the author of War for the West, who became mod for the Hosted Games Subreddit two years ago. Vested interests in being so pro-Choice of Games? 1679038714781.png As a great many would agree, this was trollish, and against the spirit of discussion and the community rules that Choice of Games themselves has laid down. In fact, many flagged it as such. But then it was reinstated, and defended by the mods and company. People were in disbelief, because they'd begun to flag and remove comments that go against what they want, but leaving comments that agree with them. Worse still, before the comment was flagged look at who had liked it:
The above is the current post as of now. The offending commentary was removed, but behold. The first seven likes belong to that of the CEO himself, company employees, and a mod! They had agreed with the post that went against their rules, only changing it once people called them out! And who changed it?

People commented on the blatant trolling.
Alas, dear friends, I may only post 10 attachments to a thread. Forgive me!
But do not worry, for I shall continue Part 2!