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Choice Of Rebels Mod: It Kinda Don't Works


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While Most Of The Mod Menu Stuff Works But Some Like Food (Or Bushel Of Something Idk) Didn't Work And I Don't Know Why And After You Put In The Numbers It Show The Amount Of Food (Or Again Bushel Of Some S#it) BUT After You Choose A Dialogue Or Decision It Go Back To The Original Numbers And The Followers Are Quite Confusing At First, You Put In The Numbers And Again It Does The Same Thing BUT It Did Not Go Back To The Original Numbers However, Instead It Only Increase The Followers (The Mod Put 50% Adult And 50% Children Which Wonders Me Why Can't They Just Put Them Separately Instead?) And The Adult Is Always Lesser Than The Children. I Think The Game Itself Is Bugging The Mod (Damn Ironic) Since They Use F##k!ng Words Rather Than Actual Numbers (lmao 💀) And Of course It Limits The Amount Of Food Or Followers You Can Have But The Rest Works Like It Intended However So The Only Thing That Broke Is These Two That I Have Mentioned Only
I Wonder If Dei Arcana Or In Fact Anyone's That Is Brave Enough To Look At Headachy Code Of The File To Fix This Error

(and plis dont ban me Im sori about the swears 💀)

kang123 (bruh)
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You should post this info in the modded game thread that has this problem, the modder will either fix this or tell you if you are doing something wrong, and don't worry... mods, admin and staff here are pretty chill.


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Please ask this on the specific Modders game thread for this game as they will be more likely to see it and respond to the issue in question.