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New member
Hello guys I was wondering if you all could give me suggestions and links to some games kinda like choicescript ones. And some twine games would be cool too. Thank you!


Lord Voldigold
Staff member
Both are fine
There's a bunch, wips - the one stated above, the exile, kingdoms and empires, blood moon, the operative, defiled hearts the barbarian and demon fireforged are a few but these are in the adult category of cog. Also life gives you lemons.

Some fully released ones - mage reborn, the infinity series, golden rose, fallen hero rebirth and retribution, wayhaven book 1 and 2 and book 3 releasing in April. I the forgotten one hasn't officially released but the full version had been modded by DanFab and is on the forum. There's more but i'll let you digest these for now.