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Howdy everyone

New person here! I'm a fan of interactive fiction as you can guess.
Have a meme because Im horrible at introduction.

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Orange cat, 🍷 your profile pic is Absolutely Divine. I adore it. You're such a sight for open eyes. Welcome to the community! I hope you a genuine, connected & delightful time here, Orange! Have the Bestest. Btw I'm down if you're in the mood for connection. I'd be honored to get to know you. I hope you make some lovely connections here. Lots of that. Deserved. -xx. 🕊️


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Welcome to our humble abode @OrangeCat

And let me be the first to decry, heresy!
None is as horrible at introductions as me!
I swear every time I swoop down from the castle at the peasants, they always wail in horror. I could never tell why...