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Hello beautiful people, I was just scrolling through some WIP's and I found out there was this cool one called "Path of Martial Arts". It's basically like an anime where u get reincarnated as an op mc from a strong family, and ur the heir whos basically trying to survive and get strong and stuff. this was a hugely successful endeavor for me, and I've fallen in love with that storyline kinda gameplay. so I was wondering, is there anything similar to that you know of that has the option or mod to be overly powerful ?? also, I apologize, but my second question is that a lotta people have been talking about twine or itch.io as another form of CoG but different. Do they have different types of interactive novels in there? can anyone explain what these websites or things are and make some recommendations? please and thank you so much!


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Twine is a programming language used for interactive fiction games and itch.io is the usual place they use to publish them. There are a bunch of cool games there, but most of the one I know of, are WiPs. There is no mod in them