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Stories you thought were AWESOME! Anata ga subarashī to omotta SUTŌRĪ!


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We are only about to discuss the things that we liked.
Our interesting jump into the complain train is for the other thread.

I'll start with:

One of those urban fantasies that are a fusion between a police procedural and paranormal romance!

It had F, one of my first immediate options, A the muscled angsty tsundere with two ways to torture herself/himself about the detective (his/her feelings weighted against N and his/her need of the detective's blood), N the absolute goody two shoes that can also be emotionally tortured as the detective struggles between A and him/her, and last but not least, M (scary, (in)sensitive to others, and *** scenes).

Also who could forget Rebecca? That tortured mother figure that can be there for the detective to rekindle their familial bond — or break it, and her.

There were also that adorable duo, officer Poname and Dr Verda. Plus Douglas, or should I say DOUUUUG.....

It had it all, slowly expanding world-building, banter, and no Whedon-speak — sorry for mentioning that, I am indeed an ageless abomination and remember a lot!

Let the lords of edgelording sing in praises of this corruption of the superhero ideal!
We play as a mysterious, monologueing, psychopathic protagonist on his/her/🇳🇱 way to vengeance against the Special Directive and the Rangers.
Then the second game came and we get our options to romance said Rangers. Argent, Ortega, Herald and Steel. All interesting in their own way.
And the world-building! Cloned mechanical humans and psychics...

I wish there were a billion more games like that one. We get the most amazing job in the galaxy. Piloting a humongous mecha and leading a squad of them against an evil empire.

Play as the lost heir of Daria and try to retake the kingdom. I loved its low fantasy world and the interactions with the characters of the first game.

The atmosphere of the series as we play as a ronin with a broken soul, was like no choicescript game I've ever seen. Also, Masami/Masahi, too tsundere not to adore. Although the games seemed to be wired mostly for a Jun/Junko romance.

Percy Jackson in a magical New York City, lots of interesting romance options and a magical academy. Enough said!

That, for the moment.


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Right now, I'm in Diaspora hell, eagerly awaiting an update because of that damn cliffhanger. The writing is superb, the conflicts driving the drama/tension/plot are realistic, the characters have depth, and the writing is tight.

I, the Forgotten One (the full demo is available on this site, but has been severely cut down on dashingdon) portrays PTSD in such a realistic way I always break down sobbing.

Kingdoms and Empires because I love isekai stories and the trauma narrative in this one is more Greek epic or Viking saga than realistic. Also, there's shaping up to be some war crimes (haha, infiniverse people know what I mean).

Infiniverse/The Infinite Sea (Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity and Lords of Infinity) because OMG the accuracy of those battlefields. That's honestly what hooked me with the first two books. The Forlorn Hope? ::chef's kiss:: Lords of Infinity is great because it forces the reader to think about Tierra within the greater international community. There's some parallels with the French Revolution and Catherine the Great, and the main issue in the third book is the traditional powergrabbing between nobles and the monarch. Anyway, anyone with a hardon for history, military, or both will love this.

The Passenger because, well, there's something about playing as an eldritch entity from beyond the stars that appeals to the nerdy middle-schooler in me, and I love exploring blue-orange morality in interpersonal settings.

Choice of the Cat was great. God, I love Maddox. I want to take him home with me and pamper him.

Mindblind, because who doesn't love it? It's fun and a great palate cleanser from stuff like I, the Forgotten One.

The Exile because there's just so much drama and trauma. I'm a sucker for making my MC spiral into a mental breakdown.

College Tennis: Origin Story, because I played tennis for seven years in school and I sometimes need to wash all the sadness away with a young MC who is full of hopes and dreams and an insatiable love for tennis.