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Twine & Other Text-based Interactive Fiction games recommendations from Itch.io


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This is a list of text-based IF's (Interactive Fiction) that I and another user from itch.io, xSai or Bladed-Barbwire on Discord, made on itch.io, and I thought I'd share this here with you guys in case anyone is interested. All the credit goes to xSai for coming up with the idea. Also, note that, neither I nor xSai own the rights to any of these IF's; we are just recommending them to people as we believe they deserve more recognition and people might actually end up enjoying them. The list was made on itch.io and so, unfortunately, will have to be accessed from there for anyone wanting to access them from here. The list also had to be split into separate parts as we ran out of characters to use. All the IF's are completely text-based, a few using some visuals and/or images, but none of them are full Visual Novels. Almost all of the IF's are made in Twine, with a few being made in ChoiceScript, Ren'py, or some other engine. Most of the IF's are free-to-play, some are pay-to-play, and some are free until they're completed and/or a price is decided. Some of the IF's have extra DLC's or bonus side content on their itch.io page or on the author's patreon, which are either free-to-play or pay-to-play. Most of the IF's can be played in a browser (works best in the itch.io app, Chrome, Firefox and some other browsers. Not guaranteed to work in every browser) with some also having a download option, but there are some IF's that only have a download option and no browser one. Most of the IF's can be played on PC and mobile, but some are not compatible for mobile. Keep in mind that not all of the IF's in this list will follow the same standards as most Choice of Games or Hosted Games; some of the IF's might either be very short, have less choices, less character customisation, less RO's, etc, so don't expect too much from them and this is especially the case in part 3 of the list. A lot of the IF's are also unfinished WIP's (Work In Progress); some of them are already completed, close to completion, just started, or may have been discontinued. Some of the links of the IF's also don't work, stop working for a while before working again, or ask for a password to access; perhaps due to being discontinued, shut down for maintenance, or for some other reason. We will continue to keep updating the list as we find more IF's. We also have a discord server, a subreddit, a lemmy community, a tumblr blog, and a cohost page dedicated just for this. If you, or anyone else have any IF’s you want to recommend, feel free to share them on here, the three itch.io topics, the discord server, the subreddit, the lemmy community, the tumblr blog, or the cohost page (They have to be text-based IF's from itch.io and need to have at least some kind of interactivity. IF's from other sites, Visual Novels, or some other type of game will not be accepted). Or if you just want to talk, or ask me for some suggestions on which IF's to try, then feel free to do that as well. Anyway, thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day, folks. Cheers!
You can also follow this same thread in the COG forums here where I regularly share any new IF's I find:
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Thank you so much for this list - you are doing God's work, my dude
Always nice to have recommendations on what to read while waiting for COG/HG WIPs updates 🙂