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Wayfarer MOD Menu v1.1.3p3.6

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DeiArcana submitted a new resource:

Wayfarer MOD Menu - Wayfarer MOD Menu

Wayfarer is a dark fantasy interactive fiction game. With the storytelling of a novel, the player choice of an RPG, and the dice roll mechanics of a tabletop game, the game creates a unique experience that changes with every playthrough.

Create and customize your character, improve your skills, and navigate hundreds of branching choices as you journey through the magical city of Velantis.

The game is currently in development and releases episodically.

Patch 3.6. (April 26...

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New member
Man I don't know how to get back to the game when I select mod menu or inventory,journal,etc. Is there any key or method to get back to the text?


Still can't find it. Do I have to reach chapter 3?
You don't have to reach chapter 3. I think it might be your device's aspect ratio or resolution that's obscuring the (x) button? If you play on browser you can try reducing the zoom


New member
Can anyone provide apk please
Unable to download among those hundred of ads
I'd rather appreciate a 30 second advertisement than going through that hell , hey moderators please look into this