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Wayhaven Chronicles, Book Three v1.0.7 MOD Menu V4 2023-04-20

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DeiArcana submitted a new resource:

Wayhaven Chronicles, Book Three v1.0.7 MOD Menu V4 - Wayhaven Chronicles, Book Three v1.0.7 MOD Menu V4

Mad scientist vampires, supernatural carnivals! Can there be anything else?


As you settle into your new life working with Unit Bravo—and growing ever closer to one member in particular—life goes on. But so does the supernatural world.

A string of kidnappings takes over Wayhaven and, once more, you’re called in as it quickly becomes apparent there’s more going on than what’s on the surface.

Even worse when the kidnapper’s focus turns on you…and you’re the only one with the power to...

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There have been bug fixes and new content added to the newer version of the game. Please update it when you can dei 😺


Let's goo, thanks Dei. Gonna test out the import function and edit this post with results for anyone who wants to know if it works now.
Hi! Just wanna ask how to fix my app? After I make the character, that's when I modify, but after a few pages it ALWAYS ends the game 😭 idk what to do anymore , I even tried it on wayhaven book 1 and 2, same results. after being modified ALWAYS ends game after a few pages. Please help,it would be really appreciated. thank you!