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WiPs you like


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There's so many. Too many, really. I guess, right now, it's the FH series. Retribution left off on such a huge cliffhanger that I'm slowly dying like a beached whale. I've also been really excited about Lords of Infinity coming out in 11 days. And I've been lurking on itch for the next update to Tears of Tianchao. For FH and, from what's come out of Tears so far, it's because there's this perfect mix of plot and choice. For the Infinity games, it's because I really like the lore and how the author attempts to get the military stuff accurate. Oh, and speaking of, I, Forgotten One is great (at making me cry) and seems realistic in depicting PTSD, so I'm looking forward to that one coming out in Summer 2023.


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Definitely Infamous or College Tennis: Origin Stories. The authorities are really good at creating grounded characters that compliment their environment. This combo really sucks me into the story and let's me appreciate any kind of themes that might come out of it. :)