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Vampire, The Masquerade - Night Road v2.0.12 MOD Menu V2 v2.0.12

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Always remember to have self control... :)... But.... That damn femboi Korean ***
So every time I tried the game around chapter 7, it would either say "play again" or would repeat the first 3 missions. After the fourth try, I made sure not to select the "absolutely fine" option in traits, which gave 7 willpower when the max is 5, didn't use the "you are loaded" option in gear, and kept wealth under 100k (though I think it had to do with the willpower but can't be sure). In any case, it worked perfectly this time.
At first, after checking stats, the mod menu, wasn't there, so immediately gave a 3 ⭐ rating.

To everyone out there (like my dumb self), just continue reading until the end of chapter 1. The mod menu will appear by then.

The game loads normally, and still with no white screen like comments in the Discussion.

I'll leave a new rating if I'd ever experience a glitch in the matrix.
it’s cool and working
This works good, thanks