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Guide on how to mod the stats on Wips

Itachi the Kinslayer

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For PC users:
1.Press Ctrl+Shift+I while you are not in stats page
2.Open console and than type stats.statname=80 in console field (not in filter one!)
3.Once you have typed what you wanted press enter, make sure that this little shit is blinking before you press it...to activate it you simply need to click next to in this case number 80


And thats it

Additional info: Sometimes for whatever reason authors will use different name for stat in code than in actual game to see how the stat is actually called you will type "scene" (without "") in wip web adress like this 3.png

Than you will open startup.txt file, scroll a bit and you will eventually find it (in most cases its in the beginning)

There are games like "I, the Forgotten One" and "Fallen Hero" whose certain stats are much trickier to mod like for example if you want to add another two specialization from The Forgotten one you will need to type these stats.has_specialization_leadership=true stats.has_specialization_tactics=true stats.has_specialization_weapons=true and ofc you are not going to mod the specialization which you have chosen in the game while to mod army training skills stats.skill_regimentation=1 stats.skill_EnhancedCommunications=1 stats.skill_FormationFighting=1, then later on in the game when you get to choose again what you want to train just add 2 at the end of line instead of 1...dont mod either of this until you get to choose which one you want in actual gameplay
To find what you actually need to write i suggest doing the same thing as i already demonstrated above with few additional steps
1. Once you reach the page where you get to choose between lets say specializations you will copy the text above (i suggest copying at least a half sentence to find what you want in text files faster)
2. open chapters from scene section one by one if you dont know which one you are currently playing and then press Ctrl+F
3. in upper right corner small window will pop up, paste the text in it and if you are in right chapter you will most likely get to your destination immediately if not press little arrows until you reach what you need
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