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Leaked Wips, Full Games and Side Stories


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i mean locked posts of patreon
If you ask about side story or anything related to wftm, i don't have, sorry. If you want the upcoming demo, just like @hilise said my post is already the upcoming because its already update in 11 sept 2022 in his discord.
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Does anyone have the demo for INSERT-RICH-FAMILY-NAME? The link here doesn't work. Thanks!
when I googled about the game I got this link: , but obviously I don't have the password, sorry 😥


This is the last Golden Rose content I'll personally post. Also, I've been a patreon of a lot of different IF creators and at the current state of the golden rose patreon, I'd suggest supporting at the highest tier if you like Hadrian/Alessa since they inevitably have the most NSFW content. Otherwise, the middle tier with all the side stories is the best bang for your buck because the side stories are all great and all of the love interests are featured (the demo is also available at the middle tier)


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