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Kemono links

Crème de la Crème Series - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/18475616
The Night Market - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/70509166
Samurai of Hyuga - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/12104418
Drink Your Villain Juice! - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/52797024
Eyes of Shan - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/61057266
C. C. Hill - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/42690230
Golden Rose - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/70729804
Vendetta - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/62574717
Crown of Exile - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/3952833
Bastard of Camelot - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/50474684?o=0
Infamous - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/96360274
Fallen Lights, Disenchanted, The Unseelie, and Reaper's Bay - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/38417660
Mind Blind - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/47263919
Path of Martial Arts - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/81492910
Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/68081043
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/71286580
Fallen Hero - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/93878
Wayhaven - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/15195916
Infinity series - https://www.kemono.su/patreon/user/3027737
A Mage Reborn - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/51511818
Breach The Archangel - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/20378277
Citadel - A Medical Romantic Drama - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/54923915
Crown of Ashes and Flames - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/88178722
Folksaga - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10227496
Honor Amongst Thieves - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/65380611
Kingdoms and Empires - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/38403464
Shepherds Of Haven - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/14144417
Speaker - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/22042869
The Abyssal - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/12385908
The Fernweh Saga - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/57431841
Throne of Ashes, Superstition - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/11717362
When Twilight Strikes - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/52301371
Zombie Exodus - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/3067012

Visual Novels
Golden, Before Dusk Sets In - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/69612439

Misplaced - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/93781511

Community College Hero - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/10658383

Please update with these links 🙏


anyone have any of these game that can share pls? ʕ⁠ ⁠º⁠ ⁠ᴥ⁠ ⁠º⁠ʔ
-Who Murdered My Empress
-Made Marion [Early Access]
-Demonheart: The Cursed Trial [Early Access]
-Alaris [Beta]
thank you (⁠^⁠∇⁠^⁠)⁠ノ⁠♪
sharing my Demonheart: The Cursed Trial steam files, i dont know if you have to crack it or something sorry :/ (i also have the Kaisar's Muzzle dlc but i'm not sure if it will show or not when you download it, just a cosmetic dlc)
ps: for me the game was very meh i hope you have fun!


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Does anyone have lorebook and artbook of gilded shadows and changeling???
On animesharing they only share the games but not the books (ಥ﹏ಥ)


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Wayhaven's Update+ this week, a moment that really had me thinking ‘Don’t cross the streams!’, lol! :D

The crystals around him begin to glow, radiating power and light. Veins of glowing magic burst out from the crystal and careen through the ground, linking together, crisscrossing over the fissure which now sputters with more crackles and belches out steam.