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The Fernweh Saga, Book One v1.0.0 MOD Menu V2 2023-01-12

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DeiArcana submitted a new resource:

The Fernweh Saga, Book One v1.0.0 MOD Menu V2 - The Fernweh Saga, Book One v1.0.0 MOD Menu V2

Some homecomings feel more like rude awakenings, but this one will become a waking nightmare. Find love while exposing the secrets of your eerie hometown!

The Fernweh Saga: Book One is a 600,000-word interactive, romantic thriller novel by Aelsa Trevelyan. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Return to a small town that you now feel a stranger in. It has been years since you were sent away...

It's hard for me to write this. Harder than I thought it would be. Harder than I thought it should be. I am prideful and like to believe myself to be self-sufficient. Not once did I asked for help for years, especially not from my own beloved community. And above all, I know this person that I care about are more than their life-threatening and debilitating illness, that's why I care so much about them, and why I swallow my pride and believe for this.

It's been more than a week since I asked Daniel for permission to post this, and only desperation will push me to do something this humiliating: so I will try to make it brief. All I ask is that you share my commission (https://bit.ly/3jp96cl), and buy them if it interest you. Genuinely, that's all. Thank you.

Also, to make it clear. No, this will not stop me from doing MODs and expanding my horizon. It will not stop me from being active and taking feature requests. So, please. Don't feel obligated to help to keep me around. That's not the case nor is it the problem. I am not sick, it's not me. It's just someone that's dear and near to my heart, so yay.

Second of all, no. I can't quite possible name you the specific amount of money they need, though they and I agree it's at least around a thousand or two thousand dollars.

Lastly, yes: I am posting this with their permission. I will never sell another person suffering, no matter how benificial to them I believe my action would be.


Support me in three ways:
- Dropping Paid CoG/HG Here: https://bit.ly/3yb6ZMK
- Buy My Commission: https://bit.ly/3jp96cl
- Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/deiarcana

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One of the Traits, Resistance/Compliance, doesn't work. When I tried to change the value, it affect Friendly/Aloof variable instead. But then again there are two weird options under Traits; Resistance/Aloof and Sincerity/Compliance which seemed to represent Resistance/Compliance but doesn't correspond to this trait at all... For the secondary social dynamic, J's siblings weren't included. Oh also, under the Personality mod tab, Sincerity was used instead of Optimistic which represents Optimistic/Pessimistic personality, but IIRC the value change still registers.


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It is a malware. Seriously it's not that my anti virus is saying it's malware but literally app doesn't even have a thumbnail


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it's malware but literally app doesn't even have a thumbnail
No offense to you or any other but will y'all shut up? I'm getting tired of this same thing getting repeated over and over like a broken record.

A simple trick,
Whenever you click on the the link of Dei' mods in this forum it'll take you to download button with ten seconds count.

Then when clicked on that download, it'll take you to UPLOADRAR hosting site [Dei' presumably uses this cause every 100/50 or so successful downloads the uplader gets a cent or so]. In UPLOADRAR press on FREE DOWNLOAD (usually a hard press works instead of a feather tap 😹😹😹).

From here on the problem of you peeps starts, if the link goes BLANK or redirects TO ANOTHER THIRD PARTY SITE? THEN IT'S THE RANDOM AD, GO BACK AND TRY PRESSING ON FREE DOWNLOAD AGAIN AND CONTINUE.

This should take you to a page with 12 seconds countdown (then again make sure the current page isn't redirected to another site or a blank site).

Create Download Link. Again shouldn't go to blank/another third party site (Hard press works usually). This should take you to File Download Link Generated page.

Again hard press usually works, shouldn't redirect to blank/third party site.

Click Here To Download, this button when not redirected should give you to ACTUAL file (and if you got a file with the game name but it's blank/can't install? Then rename and add .apk at the end of the file.

[😜😒😈 @userdied that frustration wasn't actually diverted towards you.]

@Daniel this is actually the problem we talked earlier and a simple workaround/solution. Let the peeps know, I never got malware/wrong files/blank files or anything like that so far. I always got what there is from Dei' uploadrar files.